The Spanish Research and Education Network (RedIRIS) 2019 technical event took place this year in the City of Seville. Founded as Hispalis by Romans, Italica nearby city was birthplace of two Roman emperors. Seville was also the capital for the kings of the Umayyad Caliphate, the Almoravid and the Almohad dynasty during the Moorish era, and one of the key Economic Centres of the Spanish Empire following the discovery of Americas.

The event took place in the the Royal Tobacco Factory, an 18th-century building descending from the nearby first Tobacco factory in Europe, which is currently housing the Rectorate of the University.

Many interesting topics were presented during the event. However, we would highlight “Transforming Teaching for 2030 and Beyond” from Paul Feldman´s presentation .

Paul Feldman,JISC CEO (managing also JANET, the RedIRIS equivalent in UK), highlighted that in spite of the resistant position frequently found in academia teaching, 4.0 technologies, currently transforming business domains, will also transform University Campus. He challenged universities in the audience introducing his vision of this Transformation, directions to explore and suggested approach.

Referring to research he also stressed the difficulties in building a vision to address future needs,

“….it is much harder to predict how research will change with these technologies. It will change in so many different ways. Teaching happens in certain ways in the whole world; for research there is no way”

He finalised the talk with many issues to address the next years, leaving the audience with a battery of open questions.