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“Contract for the Web”, a user´s protection proposal

In our last interview, our guest, the writer José María Sánchez-Ros, pointed out current contradiction between Internet as a universal instrument for removing barriers and suspicious behaviours leading to building distrust walls, introducing the need for international cooperation to tackle this problem.

Yesterday, Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, during the inauguration of Web Summit, Europe’s biggest tech conference, in Lisbon, November 5th, addressed an international Call in this direction, which may be also relevant for us as a technology users community.

Here you will find the core principles of his proposal which is expected for 2019.

“Current Trends in Logistics ” – January 2018

Technology & Scientific Campus of Linares

The Andalusian Center for Entrepreneurship of Linares (CADE Linares) will organize a workshop  on “Current Trends in Logistics” on January 25th 2018 in the Technology & Scientific Campus of the city. The event will take place in close collaboration with the Master of Transport and Logistics of Jaén University and IES Commerce Cycle. OSGi User´s Forum will present its vision on current Digital Transformation for introducing the current leading role of eCommerce-Logistics clustering due to its economic  relevance. Following other organisations such as  CETEMET Technology Center and IDEA Agency will present their capabilities to support innovation. A discussion panel among logistics companies operating in the region will provide the opportunity for exchanging current experiences and their perception of the trends.